Explore the Popular Types of Prostitutes Barcelona – Expert Guide

Are you interested to know the types of prostitutes Barcelona? Then we will discuss six famous types.

As per the recent survey, it is evaluated that each prostitute says that there are several reasons why they became prostitutes. These reasons are that they are interested in sex, or some say that they provide sex services as their work. 

There are several causes for why a female become prostitutes, but if they want to stop their work, then people degrade them rather than respect their selection. 

Six groups of prostitutes:

According to the researchers, it was concluded that almost there are 3,200 prostitutes in Denmark, but it is less than the expected value. There are also some prostitutes that are working in the clinics. 

The following are the six types of prostitutes in Barcelona:

  • Independent Call Girl/Escort

If you want to hire a private escort, then it is very easy for you and her to stay away from the public. These independent escorts provide their services in private places like hotels, homes, etc., so; you need to pay extra money to them. Commonly, they promote their services online and get their profit. 

  • Escort Agency Employee

Similar to independent escorts that provide services privately, those escorts that are working in an agency also provide services privately. You also need to pay extra money to those escorts. But those escorts get less profit because they need to pay half of the money to the agency. 

  • Brothel Employee

It is true that certified brothels are allowed in Nevada. Brothels are the places where workers give sex, saunas, and massage services, and then they charge for it. Commonly, they charge normal costs for their services, but they can get only half of this cost. They give the rest of the cost to the brothel holder. 

  • Window Worker

This form of misuse is dominant in Amsterdam, in which women are always sitting near the window. The aim of sitting near the window is that they attract those passers who want to have sex or fun with a girl—these women charges low or moderate cost for their services. 

In Amsterdam, each room is too short in which only one woman lives. Most rooms have attached baths and kitchens that many workers use. All the females spend the most time in front of their windows. This type of prostitution is different from brothels in which girls can connect with other people and enjoy parties. 

  • Bar or Casino Worker

In this type of prostitution, people meet with escort girls in the bar, and then they move to separate places for sex. There are several bars in Thailand and the Philippines that charge bar fees from the person to take an escort with him. Then both of them spend many days together, and during this time, the person pays all the expenses. 

  • Streetwalker:

Another type of prostitutes indicates those who walk in the street, but they charge less cost. Further, they are also susceptible to misuse, but they don’t fulfill the requirement of the job that other bar workers can fulfill. 

They are more at risk of being murdered because, according to a report, it was concluded that they are 18 times more at risk of being murdered than other girls. 

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed six types of Prostitutes Barcelona. It is true that prostitution is not allowed in almost every country, but it is allowed in Nevada with strict regulations. There are several states in which it is not allowed, so they punish those who are involved in prostitution.